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          Beijing BJ60 2022 2.0T 11 version five seats


          Vehicle Type: Fuel Cars

          Brand Name: Others


          Person in charge: Alex?Lau

          Cel: 0086 176 6971 7515

          Whatsapp: 8615020057493

          E-mail: sales28@chinatruck.cc

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          Beijing BJ60 2022 2.0T 11 version five seats

          Manufacturer Beijing off-road level medium - large SUV

          Energy type gasoline +48V light mixing system environmental protection standard VI

          Time to market 2022.11 Maximum power (kW) 196

          Maximum torque (N·m) 406 engine 2.0T 267 HP L4

          Transmission 8 hands from one length * width * height (mm) 5040*1955*1925

          Body structure 5 door 5 seat SUV maximum speed (km/h) 180

          Official 0-100km/h acceleration (s) - WLTC combined fuel consumption (L/100km) 9.5

          The vehicle warranty is five years or 150 thousand kilometers


          Height (mm) 1925 Wheelbase (mm) 2820

          Front wheel base (mm) 1620 Rear wheel base (mm) 1640

          Full load minimum ground clearance (mm) 215 approach Angle (°) 30

          Departure Angle (°) 24 Maximum wading depth (mm) 750

          Body structure SUV door opening mode flat door

          Number of doors (PCS) 5 Seats (PCS) 5

          Fuel tank capacity (L) 85 Reserve tank capacity (L) 969-1640

          Maximum load weight (kg) 2795


          Displacement (L) 2.0 intake form turbocharging

          Engine layout vertical cylinder arrangement L

          Number of cylinders (4) Number of valves per cylinder (4)

          Valve mechanism DOHC Max horsepower (Ps) 267

          Max power (kW) 196 Max power speed (rpm) -

          Max torque (N·m) 406 Max torque speed (rpm) -

          Maximum net power (kW) 185 fuel form gasoline +48V light mix system

          Fuel label 92 Fuel supply mode direct injection

          Cylinder head material Aluminum alloy cylinder material unknown

          Environmental protection standard country VI -


          Referred to as 8 block hand self - integration

          Chassis steering

          Front suspension type double cross arm independent suspension type rear suspension type multi-link independent suspension

          Power assisted type electric power assisted vehicle body structure is non-bearing type

          Wheel braking

          Parking Brake Type Electronic Parking Front Tire Specification 275/50 R20

          Rear tyre specification 275/50 R20 spare tyre specification Full size


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