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          Used HOWO 6x4 20m3 371hp Refurbished Dump Truck

          No.: KZ-002

          Vehicle Type: Used Dump Truck

          Brand Name: SINOTRUK

          Sinotruk Trucks

          Person in charge: Kobe Zhang

          Cel: 0086 176 6971 7516

          Whatsapp: 8617669717516

          E-mail: sales30@chinatruck.cc

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          Brand: Sinotruk HOWO

          Chasiss: 6x4, 10 wheel

          Engine: WD615.47, 371HP

          Gearbox: 10 forward speed

          Front axle: 9 ton

          Rear axle: 16 ton*2, double reduction

          Upper body: 5800*2300*1500=20CBM

          Have stock.

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